How to Reduce Your Energy Bills in Winter

As the Winter finally brings some cooler weather, heaters are being wheeled out & air con units flipped into reverse to battle the cold, across Australia. If like most properties in Australia, you only have single glazed windows, in Winter you’ll not only be losing a considerable amount of heat out through your windows, but you’ll also be letting a fair bit of the outside cool indoors.

As a consequence, heating and energy bills can rapidly increase in cost over the winter months. BUT… buying suitable Window Coverings can really have a positive impact on reducing your Winter energy bills. What’s more, the same Window Furnishings can also have a positive impact in the Summer – keeping the heat out and the cool in.

Talk to us today about choosing the most suitable Energy Saving Blinds, Curtains or Shutters for your Sunshine Coast property. As an example, curtains are not the only solution. New advances in technology and fabric construction now mean some blinds can offer similar heat savings to curtains. Most surprisingly plantation shutters and even awnings are also capable of having a positive impact on your energy reduction.

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